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George T. Haley

George Haley (PhD, University of Texas at Austin) is Professor of Marketing, University of New Haven and Founding Director, Center for International Industry Competitiveness.  George has been faculty at ITESM-Monterrey (Mexico), National University of Singapore, Queensland University of Technology (Aus.), DePaul, Fordham, and Baruch College.  He has presented seminars to managers and policymakers on four continents, including for the National Intelligence Council, and the United States International Trade Commission and testified before the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission. He has over 100 articles, presentations and books including The Chinese Tao of Business. He consults with several multinational companies and governments in Asia, Australia, Latin America and the USA and serves on the Boards of Directors of listed companies, manufacturing organizations and government agencies. In November 2009, the American Marketing Association's Marketing News named him a Rising Academic Star and "Person to Watch" on the basis of research, teaching and broader impact. Read a Thought Leader interview with George.  Contact him at

Usha C. V. Haley

Usha Haley  (PhD, New York University) is Professor of Management and Director of the Robbins Center for Global Business and Strategy, West Virginia University.  She has been Professor prior at Massey University (Auckland, New Zealand), University of New Haven, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Australian National University, National University of Singapore and ITESM-Monterrey, Mexico. She has more than 175 publications, presentations and books including Multinational Corporations in Political Environments and The Chinese Tao of Business. She has testified before the Congressionally mandated US-China Economic and Security Review Commission and the Committee on Ways and Means, and presented her research before the US International Trade Commission, the US Trade Representative, and the US Department of Commerce. Read a Thought Leader interview with her here. She serves on several corporate and government boards.  Contact her at

Chin Tiong Tan

Chin Tiong Tan (PhD, Pennsylvania State University) is the President of the new Singapore Institute of Technology.  Prior, he was Deputy President of Singapore Management University. He was a founding member of SMU and was its Provost from 1999 to 2008. He is active in management development and consulting.  He designed and taught in many executive programs around the world, and is a regular speaker in the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and South Africa. He was the Academic Advisor to Singapore Airline’s Management Development Centre for more than 15 years. He is on the Boards of Directors of several listed companies and served as strategic and business advisor to many organizations. He is the co-author of Marketing Management: An Asian Perspective, 5th Edition, 2009, Prentice Hall (with Philip Kotler).  Contact him at

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